What are Regular Check-ups?

Regular check-ups prevent an onset of any tooth-related disease or infection that can cause acute discomfort or pain if not treated at the right time. It’s indeed the first step towards better dental health. Dental problems are best addressed by a dentist if patients go for regular check-ups. We all brush, floss and use a mouthwash, but is that enough? A dentist is professionally trained and qualified in treating and preventing tooth decay, tooth erosion and can also alert you on the advent of periodontal diseases (advanced inflammation).

Importance of a Regular Check-up?

 A regular check-up with an experienced dentist is highly recommended every six months so that he can provide you with useful, general and preventive dental healthcare solutions. Having proper consultation with your dentist is also an excellent way to stay tuned on your oral dental health, ask questions to any doubts you may have and get appropriate recommendations too.

So each time you visit your dentist, remember to get an initial dental score and assessment on your overall oral healthcare.

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What to Expect during a Check-up?

 A regular check-up uses modern technology along with the expertise of a professionally trained and experienced dentist. It could be a professional dental cleaning or a comprehensive check-up that may include an x-ray, oral cancer screening and overall teeth and gum check. During the first consultation, the dentist will inquire about your general oral health as specific medical ailments such as diabetes can increase the risk of gum diseases. He will also ask details on the medication you intake so that he can treat you accordingly.

Be prepared for all sorts of questions, so that your dentist can offer you the best-suited treatment option.

Depending on the outcome of the discussion, an X-ray too may be taken as it will help identify any abnormality found in the teeth, jaw or mouth. After a full check-up is complete, the dentist will share and provide a treatment plan.

Our Approach with Check-ups

At Dr Teeth Dental, we use a variety of preventive and diagnostic tools for routine check-ups to help maintain and avoid some of the most common dental problems. Most dental issues arise due to negligence and lack of oral health maintenance. A regular check-up confirms that any early signs of tooth decay or inflammation are brought to your notice timely. This helps you discuss suitable treatment options and make the right choice.

It’s important to know that each consultation is kept confidential and not shared by anyone.