At Dr Teeth Dental we understand the importance of good oral hygiene and bring you high-quality professional dental care treatments to enhance your oral and dental health. We provide a range of general dental treatments including the dental and oral examination (may include OPG X-Ray), filings, tooth extractions, wisdom tooth removal, teeth whitening and much more.


Regular Check-up’s

Regular check-ups prevent an onset of any tooth-related disease or infection that can cause acute discomfort or pain if not treated at the right time. It’s indeed the first step towards better dental health.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

We have all experienced the irritation and discomfort a wisdom tooth can cause. Smaller the jaw, the more impact the wisdom tooth has on our dental structure.

Dental Fillings

When it comes to restoring teeth, Dental fillings are one of the most basic treatment methods used. As the name suggests, it refers to filling up a gap or hole in the tooth, usually caused by tooth decay or damaged tooth.