A denture is designed to create or mimic the look of your teeth and gum to give you a more natural appearance. A cosmetic denture is a more cost-effective solution for those who have a few teeth or a whole set of missing teeth.

With the advent of new technologies, dentures too have evolved and can now be considered in conjunction with dental implants to lock them in place. This way, it makes it easy for you to eat without any discomfort. Moreover, customised acrylics (plastic or metal) are created using hard-wearing material. They are durable, fit snugly on your gums, matches natural teeth colour and structure and easy to remove as and when you desire.


Type of Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures act as a replacement to a few missing teeth and can easily fit around or on top of existing tooth structure.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures provide a complete/total replacement for your teeth and could be made for your lower, upper or as both sets. For full dentures, all remaining teeth are first removed.  Before positioning the new dentures the Dentist will ensure that your gum tissue gets some time to heal.

Dental implants can also support full dentures as these provide more stability to the gums and jaw bone.

What is the Process?

There are numerous components and steps in creating a denture. It usually requires 3 to 5 steps including taking the first impressions, rim stage, try-in time and the final fit. A specialist dentist closely monitors each level, and he would need your inputs for selecting the colour, shape and size for a successful denture.

Getting Used to Dentures

Wearing your first dentures can be daunting and will need a bit of getting used to, but in you will feel comfortable. Your Dentist will offer you advice on how to remove, clean and take care of your denture as part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Do remember, coupled with the wear in time, as we grow our jaw structure too would change in time. So the density of our jawbone and profile of the denture also would require to be replaced. Your Dentist can suggest and offer the best advice. To get the correct fit, look, shape and function, you must go for routine dental check-ups and examinations.