At Dr Teeth Dental, we understand how valuable and unique your smile is and offer you quality cosmetic dental treatments that are specially tailored to suit your dental needs. New technologies and advancements in cosmetic dental treatments have made it super convenient, easy and affordable for everyone to seek optimum dental health.

Whether it is to repair a broken tooth, fix a chipped tooth or a need for a simple teeth whitening service, Cosmetic dental services today allows you to transform the way you look with just as little as a single visit!


Teeth Whitening

With time, our natural teeth ages and get discoloured. This condition can some people feel self-conscious, and therefore, they choose to have a teeth whitening treatment. A professional teeth whitening treatment can offer a quick, safe and effective solution to enhance the beauty of your smile, giving you whiter and brighter teeth.


If you have concerns over the shape, position or colour of your teeth, Dental Veneers can now offer an ultimate smile makeover without the need of undergoing major surgery. It is a great cosmetic dentistry option for all.


Ever imagined straightening your teeth or correcting your jaw bite issues without using those painful wire and metal braces! Invisalign is a fantastic new orthodontic dental treatment technology, made out of a transparent material that gently but gradually moves your teeth into a predetermined or desired position.


Orthodontics is a speciality area in dental treatments and focuses on aligning and repositioning the teeth to enhance a person’s appearance. Braces can help improve the overall appearance of your teeth structure, its position and the bite.


A denture is designed to create or mimic the look of your teeth and gum to give you a more natural appearance. A cosmetic denture is a more cost-effective solution for those who have a few teeth or a whole set of missing teeth.