How Do We Offer Payment Plans?

We are constantly trying to improve on dental services by using modern digital technologies which in turn help us reduce our operational costs. This is passed on to our clients in the form of discounts on service costs. For larger, more expensive treatments at Dr. Teeth, we have joined hands with credit companies such as Afterpay, Zip Money and SuperCare that will enable everyone to spread their dental treatment cost over a period of time.

Special Offers

Affordable Teeth Whitening Booth

Dr. Teeth will the first of its kind in providing a dedicated Teeth Whitening Booth where clients can get access to the world best Teeth Whitening services as the most affordable cost in comparison to some of its expensive counterpart services provided in today’s regular dental practices. This is an innovative product service that gives access to extremely affordable whitening options with prices starting from $99 onwards up to $499 for advanced teeth whitening options. Clients can now combine a short 30 minutes teeth whitening visit while they are at the shopping center.

Visualize your smile transformation at our Digital Smile Transformation Booth in just 10 minutes!

At Dr Teeth we have revolutionized dental services by incorporating digital technology such as ‘SNAP’ to allow clients to visualize their smile transformation even without stepping into the dentist room. This is a complementary ‘free’ service provided at Dr. Teeth to every walk-in customer so that they can get to see how beautiful their smile can be with just simple dental procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and clear braces (Invisalign) or Implants. The Kiosk is located at the entrance of the shop which allows customers to walk in and check the iPad display section along with the help of our trained friendly team members in just 10 minutes