Our teeth are one of the hardest substances and don’t break too easily! However, accidents might happen and here’s why we offer a range of protective and preventive dental services. Dentists across the world recommend using Mouthguards to help prevent dental abrasion, disorder or any oral injury that can occur during any physical activities.

A quick clinical assessment can help your dentist guide you on suitable mouth guard treatment. These can enhance your oral health and protect the teeth structure.

What are Mouthguards

A Mouthguard is a protective device for the mouth that is made out of soft, flexible material and offers dental protection. It helps create a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth and helps reduce and prevent your mouth from common sports injuries.

Importance & Function of Mouthguards

Mouth guards are an excellent choice for a variety of reasons and functions. It could be because of dental trauma or an injury and worn to reduce unhealthy habits like teeth grinding. It can also be used to improve physical appearance, especially in cases where the teeth are uneven or have got impacted due to some previous issues.

Mouth guards protect the teeth from further damage and can also help in tackling issues such as:

  • Cracked Teeth
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Teeth Loss
  • Broken Tooth
  • Dislodged Teeth
  • Teeth Grinding

Mouth guards for Sports

If you play sports and worried about injuries, a mouth guard is just the thing for you. Inquire NOW to know more

Sports enthusiasts around the world are now getting familiar with the importance of wearing mouth guards. It’s a preventive measure that minimises the chances of injuries and dental damage; especially for those involved in contact sports such as soccer, rugby, martial arts and boxing.

Dental injury is becoming quite common, and it is, therefore, essential that your child is aware on the importance of wearing a mouth guard during sport. A custom-made mouth guard can offer exceptional comfort and ease of use even when you need to wear it for longer hours.

Mouth guard to Prevent Teeth Grinding and Bruxism

Do you know that not just children but also adults sometimes unintentionally grind their teeth and aren’t even aware of it? Teeth Grinding is referred to as Bruxism medically and can cause damage to the teeth and the jaw muscles if left untreated. It is a psychological behaviour that can often be present in people suffering from hyper-activeness, stress, anxiety issues or even due to misalignment of the teeth structure have shown signs of Bruxism.

With time, clenching the teeth or Teeth grinding can cause the teeth to become exposed and sensitive, and the condition can be excruciating and leave you with uneven teeth and low-self-esteem.

A custom-made mouth guard is a great option to prevent damage from teeth grinding.

Our Approach on Mouth guards

At Dr Teeth Dental, we specialise in creating a custom-made mouth guard that offers best comfort and protection for your teeth and mouth. We use digital imaging for creating the right fit and position them into individuals oral dimensions without affecting muscle contractions and mouth movements. We ensure that your teeth are protected and restore its natural shape in time. Moreover; these fit snugly and with proper care, can last longer. While some may wear a mouth guard during all sports activities; there are a few who may need to wear a night guard during the night. Depending on the patient’s diagnosis, this can prevent teeth grinding and promote a good night’s sleep.

Other alternative options include going for a boil and bite mouth guard. It is a traditional process where you need to chew on the heated guard and get an impression of the teeth. However; these do not offer a great fit and need regular fittings. Another option is stock mouth guards that are pre-made but rarely used as these can cause more harm in the long run.

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